STIX Original & STIX ‘N’ STONES Warranty

The manufacturer’s Limited Residential Warranty and Limited Commercial Warranty are offered to the original purchaser of the flooring material. It is non-transferable.
Lifetime Limited Residential Wear Warranty
12 Year Limited Heavy Commercial Wear Warranty
The floor must be installed following the recommended installation instructions and be properly maintained. Installation related issues are the responsibility of the flooring installer and are not covered by this warranty. Material should be inspected closely prior to installing. Flooring with visible defects should not be installed. Material with a visible defect must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.

**Warranty applies to .5mm (22 Mil) wear layer only. Production that predates the wear warranty change will maintain its original warranty.

Warranty Covers

If a legitimate warranty claim is discovered within the warranty period the manufacturer will supply replacement material of a similar color, pattern and quality for repair of the defective area or the replacement of the floor if applicable. If the floor was professionally installed the manufacturer will pay reasonable labor costs for direct repairs or replacement excluding the cost of subfloor preparations, replacing moldings, moving of furniture, painting etc and incidental damages.

The Following Is Covered Under The Warranty

- The floor will be free of manufacturing defects for the warranty period.
- The floor will not wear through under normal household / heavy commercial use when properly maintained so the pattern is not visible in a significant area.
- The floor will not rip or tear from normal household / heavy commercial use.
- The floor will remain adhered to the subfloor for the warranty period.
- We recommend the use of floor protectors to protect the floor. Heavy rolling objects may damage the floor.
- Direct sunlight through patio doors or windows can cause the floor material to heat excessively and cause the floor to lift, curl, bubble, or discolour. Window coverings should be used during high sunlight / heat periods of the day.
- Issues that arise from exposure to excessive sunlight are not a defect in the floor.

Warranty Exclusions

All incidental, consequential and special damages are not covered by the warranty. This expressly means the warranty does not cover any loss, expense or damage to anything other than the flooring. It does not cover the cost of removing or replacing; moldings, trims, fixtures, cabinets, islands, moving furniture / appliances, repairs to the subfloor, and painting that may be associated with the defect of the flooring. The warranty constitutes the only express warranties for the product purchased.
To the extent permitted by law and for all non-consumer product, all warranties other than our limited warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. If an implied warranty arises under provincial or state law, all implied warranties are limited in duration to the duration of this written warranty, to the extent allowed by law.

The Following Is Not Covered Under The Warranty

- Surface scratching / damage caused by dirt, grit, damage caused by furniture, appliances, pets, cutting from sharp objects or improper maintenance of the floor.
- Minor color and texture differences between samples / photographs and the floor purchased.
- Tears, burns, scratches, stains or reduction of gloss, or discolouration from improper cleaning chemicals.
- Construction damage.
- Installation defects or subfloor imperfections.
- Indentations from: spiked shoes, high heels, rolling loads, furniture / appliances without suitable floor protectors, failure of the subfloor.
- Not for exterior use.

Some jurisdictions do not allow exclusions of limitations of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on as the length so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. You may have other rights which vary by jurisdiction that you should be aware of.

Installations requirements are supplied in the carton.
Please refer to www.stixoriginal.com/installation/for the most current Installation instructions.
Please refer to www.stixoriginal.com/maintenance/for the most current General Care & Maintenance instructions.
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