General Care & Maintenance

The majority of wear/damage done to a floor can often be avoided by implementing a solid preventative care program. See below for tips to prevent issues before they occur.


- Avoid exposure to excess direct sunlight, which can cause movement and discolouration in vinyl floors. Blinds/Drapes should be used in these slight areas.
- Felt floor protectors should be used under furniture legs to help avoid surface scratches and damage. Glide N Guard floor protectors should be used under appliances.
- f moving heavy appliances/equipment with castors over the flooring be sure hardboard/plywood panels are placed on the floor to prevent surface damage.
- Use walk-off mats at all outside entrances (do not use rubber backed walk-off mats as they can discolour the floor).
- Use flat glides at least 2” (5.08 cm) in diameter under furniture legs to prevent indentations and scratching.
- Rolling casters on office furniture should be at least 2” in diameter.
- Never clean the floor with vinegar, abrasive cleaners, oil soaps, harsh detergents, or solvents.
- Do not use steam cleaners.
- Do not flood the floor or leave standing liquids including pet urine.
- Do not use vacuums with any type of beater bar assembly.


- Sweep, dust, mop, or vacuum daily to remove dirt and grit.
- To remove dirt/soil use a damp mop with a properly diluted neutral detergent solution such as Armstrong S-485 or SC Johnson Neutral Floor Cleaner.
- Scuffs may be removed/ improved with the use of a soft nylon brush or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge. Test in an inconspicuous areas first to ensure they won’t damage the floor surface.
- A heavily soiled floor can be cleaned with the use of a low-speed buffer not exceeding 300RPM and a diluted neutral detergent solution. The buffer should be fitted with a red or white scrubbing pad. Once the solution has been - worked over the entire floor, the dirty residue should be removed by damp mopping with clean water.
- Standing water, pet urine, and other liquids should be promptly removed followed by a cleaning with a diluted neutral detergent solution.
- For added protection against surface scratches and soiling, 1-3 coats of a high quality commercial floor polish (such as Armstrong S-480 or SC Johnson High Gloss Floor Finish) can be applied following the manufacturers recommended instructions. Special care may be required in high traffic areas.

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