About Us

About Us

Above - The Buckwold building in downtown Saskatoon, SK during the 1950’s. Since then Buckwold Western Ltd. has opened six other locations throughout Western Canada.
Below - Buckwold building in downtown Saskatoon, SK as it stands today.
For years Buckwold Western Ltd. has distributed innovative flooring options across Western Canada that offer competitive advantages over many other flooring choices on the market.

STIX, proudly created by Buckwold Western Ltd., is no different.

Featuring the most advanced installation system in luxury vinyl flooring and the unique combination of style and innovation, STIX proves itself to be the most exciting new product in luxury vinyl flooring. Offering striking ranges of stylish wood plank, stone and tile visuals, STIX is able to enhance the appeal of any space. STIX patented installation system allows it to go down quickly and be enjoyed immediately, letting you get back to the important things.

Buckwold Western Ltd. enforces strict quality standards and works with our retail partners to ensure customers are satisfied with their flooring choice.

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